Unit marks

Additions and corrections to unit marks found on S14 bayonets

  (page 109)
War-time unit stamps do not often follow the pre-war regulations. The series of II.13.5.xxx markings found on S14 type I bayonets was attributed in the book to –
2. Ersatz Batallion 13. Infantry Regiment
but is more likely to be –
2. Armeekorps, 13th Landsturm Infantry Batallion Stetin.

A BK S14 bayonet was recently found with a very rare marking to the 12th Fortress Machine Gun Unit, weapon 81. Dorlin Kerr Collection.

A Bayard S14 with an enigmatic PW marking. This has also been found on S84/98nA bayonets but it is not clear what unit it represents. Jens Wiesberger Collection.

Bayard PW468






A Samsonwerk S14 bayonet with an interesting unit marking to the 15. Company of 241. (Saxon) Reserve Infantry Regiment (formed 1914) that probably raised a 4th Battalion in 1916.  Jens Wiesberger Collection.

SW 241.R.15.36






124.R.E.1744. & 1767. (page 67)
It was recently possible to compare two rare Gottscho SD S14 bayonets issued within a few numbers of each other to the same Ersatz Battalion of the 124. (Wurttemberg) Infantry Regiment.









Another enigmatic marking found recently on the hilt of an FP S14 sawback bayonet. It most likely represents Lxxxxx Landsturm Battalion where Lxxxxx could represent any town or region with a Landsturm unit e.g. Ludwigsburg.








Geb.B.12 N22
An exceptionally rare S14 type I sawback made by Gottscho SM and issued to Bavarian Mountain Battery 12, weapon no 22.  Rolf Snygg Collection.








2.E.B.R.25 (page 44)
It was recently possible to compare two Samsonwerk S14 bayonets issued to the 3rd Kompagnie, 2. Ersatz Battalion, 25. (1. Rheinisches) Infantry Regiment. #12 from Jean-Robert EL FOUNI collection.









An interesting Bayard S14 bayonet now cut down to a trench knife but with an earlier unit marking probably to 26th (2nd Wurttembergisches) Dragoner-Regiment, Maschinengewehr-Kompagnie, weapon 114.  Colin Baxter collection.








An interesting S14 by F.P. with an unusual unit marking that is also found on the frog stud of the scabbard. The unit mark is probably for the 2nd Armeekorps staff, weapon 97.









A F P 265 and then L M K II.46.196
A very unusual Samsonwerk S14 bayonet that has two unit markings. Initially issued as weapon 265 to Armee-Flug-Park (Aeroplane Park), the bayonet was later issued to Leichte Munitions-Kolonne, II. Abteilung, Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 46 , weapon 196.  Jens Wiesberger Collection.


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