A book by Ian Jackson dedicated to the Imperial German S14 bayonet models, including the S14 type I and type II models (also known as the “Gottscho” and “S15” bayonet). After several years of research, this book now provides the most authoritative account of the S14 bayonet in any language.

The book covers all aspects of these bayonets in great detail from their construction and inspection in 1915 through to their use in the field throughout WW1. Individual sections also document the history of each of the eight companies making S14 type I bayonets and the twelve letter codes found on S14 type II bayonets. Information has also been brought together for the first time on all of the rare post-manufacture modifications of the S14 bayonets.

A fully illustrated soft-cover book with 113 color and black and white pages printed at 25 x 19 cm.  Published September 2012.    ISBN 978-0-473-20561-4

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